Story of Sunil Sahoo


Amidst the unfortunate and underprivileged lot of children, rendered financially and educationally deprived by tough destiny, there blooms a child with extraordinary potential. He has been gifted with talent and if attention and opportunities meet his talent, he can come out as a wonder kid with surprisingly laudable achievements. Sunil Sahoo, born in a village in the district of Cuttack on 26th February 2001, now studies in 9th grade. He who shies away from the camera never does so in front of his books. He has been staying in the Bala Ashram, Cuttack since 2013.  It was on 2nd January 2013, when destiny made him taste the most unfortunate incident in his life when he lost his father. He has two other younger brothers for whom he has to be the lodestar. His mother works in a hospital as a caretaker and earns a meager salary, insufficient for bringing up her children.

After receiving assistance from Shikhya Programme at Cuttack Balasharm, he has shown; this was the exact fuel he was in need of. In a short span of mere three months, he has surprised us with the results.Below is a depiction of his progress in 9th Grade Mathematics:



If this is the rate of his progress, he can do wonders if provided with essential necessities. He seems to be quite a fast learner, and if he can finish stuff much before time, he could utilize this time in solving some extra study materials, discovering and honing some other skill.

And he is not only quite advanced in his peer group, but he is an inspiration to all of them. He also helps and cooperates his friends in solving problems and in the completion of courses of study.

The need of the hour here is to provide him with all the facilities that a student of his age receives, to exploit and unleash the bundle of talent that lies dormant and unnoticed. “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”. He just needs opportunity and scope to succeed.

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