Quarterly Progress Report For Shikhya Implementation at Cuttack Bala Ashram

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”, wise words of Sydney. J. Haris. And I, while sitting on a not-so-fancy chair, but certainly the hot seat for learning, realized it while having a glance through that old rickety window; that window through which every day those children with big dreams in their eyes paint a mental picture of living their future dreams. From the moment I entered the gates of the Utkal Bala Ashram, I felt like getting a glimpse of a countryside paradise for learning.


It is situated on the connecting road of Nuapada between Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. The ambiance was just apt for the noble work being done there. The entire center for learning stretches across an area over eight acres of land. It was established in the year 15th August 1978 with the aid of State Government of Odisha.

The noble work I mentioned above is the initiative by our organization, Shikhya, whose main aim is to provide a handy educational platform to the under-privileged children. A sound dosage of exposure to a variety of innumerable questions based on a particular math concept enhances their problem-solving skills and command over the subject, both at fundamental as well as advanced levels. Students, in the process, get conversant with technology also, as the entire assistance of alternate method of tutoring is done through video lectures, each bit of which is just a click away. The method is quite student friendly. These classes, here at Bala Ashram have started since August 2016. The main goal of Shikhya program is to provide an easy, accessible and convenient method of education to the deserving bright brains with fewer resources.

The IMPACT in Numbers 


A total of 135 students with 292-course enrollments and have solved 90,621 9th grade math questions and viewed 18,792 minutes of video lectures. And unbelievably all these stats shown above are just for three months and some odd days!


The above graphic indicates the excellent progress of students of Std.-IX Math within a short span of just three months. It speaks that 9 students out of 15 of this class have covered more than 50% of the syllabus. And surprisingly enough, about 80% of the portion has already been completed by 4 students, which is supposed to be covered in one whole year. All of this tremendous progress, in just three months! This is the Brownie point, if we may say it that way, of this innovatively designed mechanism, that makes it very different from the conventional classroom teaching, where the relative progress of a particular student affects the progress of another quick-witted student. In this system, an individual proceeds according to his speed and skills. Each one gets time and scope equally. And the wide range of questions that they get to solve sharpens their idea about a particular concept. Interacting with the students personally also informed me how they fear and hesitate to clarify their doubts in a class filled with so many students, which is comfortably handled and completely taken care of by this platform provided by Shikhya. The children are sensible and intelligent enough to make the best use of it.

‘Confidence Booster’, ‘Trendsetter’, ‘Easy Education at every door’. Call it by many names. A wholesome educational platform, our team Shikhya caters to the needs of all those minds and souls about whom people barely cared for before.

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