Spreading awareness

With the world constantly moving past us with fast-paced technological innovations created one after the other, it is vital for us to remember to create a strong educational foundation for the future generation through these innovations.

Volunteering through Shikhya, I have realized how important it is to dedicate time to those in need whether it is by teaching English or simply talking to them. There are many underprivileged children in this world, and if we all just take a few minutes away from our daily, monotonous routine to help them in any way, we could make a big impact on their lives. For example, donating a few dollars to your local charity or helping out at the food shelter, or even visiting a foreign country to help out at an orphanage.

As for me, I believe that education is the key to turning any door. By taking an initiative and a lead in teaching students at Skikhya, I am not only building up their confidence but also giving them the chance to prepare themselves to possibly achieve their dreams/goals of going into the workforce.

I want to continue my efforts to train other children to pursue this project with me. With more teachers, I can educate and succeed in my goal of teaching the almost universal language, English to many students. Through educational videos and exercises, I can help create a more comfortable environment for them.

I encourage you all to help me in this project to successfully educate these wonderful orphan kids with the English language. It’s a blessing and great experience to be able to participate in such a noble initiative led by Biswajit Nayak.

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