Each One Teach One

I remember the first time when I had learned to write. It was an euphoric moment. I had scribbled madly on notebooks,magazines, books, newspapers, walls and almost everywhere. It was a time when I realized that I could do something beyond just eating, sleeping and playing. I knew that my life was much more than I had thought it to be.

Education is almost like developing wings. It liberates one, freeing one from the shackles of inhibitions.  I wonder how my life would have turned out had I never been to school?

I would have never seen the world beyond my city. My thoughts would have stayed limited, like a toad in a deep well, totally oblivious to the world beyond.

But Education made me think. It made aware of my capabilities, making me realize about the things that I loved. Education shaped my identity.

But at times Education makes me helpless too.

By witnessing all those random children of god, malnourished with running noses, torn clothes, eternal sad expression, unloved, hurling out abuses at each other, touching feet for money, I wonder if they can ever be illuminated by education.

“What can a random person like me do for them?” you may ask. For this I have a simple phrase “Each One Teach One”

All those times when you are sulking over a cricket match or a depressing TV episode, go out and pick up  children of god from your neighborhood and teach them. Teach them anything, alphabets, dancing, music, reading, writing, thinking. Teach Them.

Teach them with all your heart, show them a glimpse of the world beyond their hunger and misery. Volunteer for an orphanage, teach children how to be happy and in that simple way, you will learn to be happy too.

Ask your friends to teach them too. Form a group. Brain storm. Make things Happen. Because through this you’ll create a geometric progression.

Geometric progression of learning which will spread beyond control. And this will make you blissful. It is bound to make you feel so. So next time before cribbing over lack of government initiative, faulty policies and corrupt people, go out and teach children.It will make the world a slightly better place to live in.

And above all, it will prompt some beautiful souls to get their wings through the magic of learning !

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