Self Paced E-Learning in Vernacular language at Kachchabari Village – an initiative in Jharkhand


They say journeys are important, but here it was the destination. Last weekend after a four-hour bus journey from Jamshedpur my stop at the village Kachchabari, a small village around 35 kilometers from Ranchi, arrived. The picture of a typical modest village, most of whose houses were made of mud-tiles, came into live right before my eyes. On my way to the village, I crossed by few girls carrying utensils and heading towards the pond for cleaning them; a scene that usually gets painted when we talk of rural India. But this village showed me something more than just that which made my destination worthwhile. On reaching the village we were received by the village’s widowed mukhiya with a warm welcome along with tea and some snacks. She then accompanied us to the place of our interest, the Panchayat office. No, it wasn’t the office that was our interest but the study center that functioned there in the evening hours (whereas the office work took place during the day).

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