A Journey From Conception of a Thought to an Impact


 How many of us are actually contented today? Contented with the way life is moving on? Very few! How many of us complain at every step of life, from the morning tea and the newspaper right on time to the existing political system? Many! Many of us sail in the same boat when it comes to complaining. We whine all day starting from petty issues like the weather, low-speed broadband connection, buffering YouTube videos, a catch missed by a cricketer on the field to some serious issues like poverty, pollution, population, corruption, bad roads, faulty education system, wrong policies adopted by the government, and there is no end to it. It’s a part of inherent human nature to have endless wants, demands and complaints. We have been doing this for a while now; sitting in the drawing room in front of our LEDs, flipping channels and continuing to comment and complain. We have been silencing the conscience surreptitiously, who constantly asks to show concern not by questioning but by taking the responsibility, with the age old lie, ‘what do I have in my hands except the TV remote?’ It’s over. The time to escape with this blatant lie is over. We have more than just the remote in our hands. We have the onus.

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Story of Sunil Sahoo


Amidst the unfortunate and underprivileged lot of children, rendered financially and educationally deprived by tough destiny, there blooms a child with extraordinary potential. He has been gifted with talent and if attention and opportunities meet his talent, he can come out as a wonder kid with surprisingly laudable achievements. Sunil Sahoo, born in a village in the district of Cuttack on 26th February 2001, now studies in 9th grade. He who shies away from the camera never does so in front of his books. He has been staying in the Bala Ashram, Cuttack since 2013.  It was on 2nd January 2013, when destiny made him taste the most unfortunate incident in his life when he lost his father. He has two other younger brothers for whom he has to be the lodestar. His mother works in a hospital as a caretaker and earns a meager salary, insufficient for bringing up her children.

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Quarterly Progress Report For Shikhya Implementation at Cuttack Bala Ashram

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”, wise words of Sydney. J. Haris. And I, while sitting on a not-so-fancy chair, but certainly the hot seat for learning, realized it while having a glance through that old rickety window; that window through which every day those children with big dreams in their eyes paint a mental picture of living their future dreams. From the moment I entered the gates of the Utkal Bala Ashram, I felt like getting a glimpse of a countryside paradise for learning.

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